Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shut the Hell Up

Ingredients for a REALLY bad theatrical production of "A Chorus Line."
.5 oz Bacardi 151 proof
1 oz Crown Royale
1 oz Jager
.5 oz Everclear
Squirt of Grenadine

Pour Jager at the bottom of the glass.
Mix Crown, Everclear & 151 separately to layer on top of the Jager.
Splash the grenadine.
Pray that the actors STOP singing.

Underwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it. Singing was not the strong suit of the show. For that matter, neither was dancing. Being that the show is about DANCERS, one would think that an important aspect of the show would know...DANCING. Very disappointing.

I spent the night at Cambria and Laura's apartment last night after Cam and I left the Fiesta Cantina. (For those that don't know, the Fiesta Cantina is one of the gayest bars in L.A. with 2-4-1 drinks everynight from 1030 on.) I had never seen so many beautiful queers in one place in my whole life. (And that is saying something considering that I grew up surrounded by them at the theaters where I did shows!) The walls even had paintings of gorgeously speedoed hunks. On top of the cheap booze, the evening was lovely because of the company I kept while at the bar. :)

This morning I endulged in champagne brunch with my girls at around noon and then a nice long nap to sleep off the bottle and a half that I had to drink. What a glorious Saturday.


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