Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue POLARbear

Ingredients for a completely bi-polar day:

1 oz vodka
1 oz chilled blue peppermint schnapps
1 dash of crushed ice

Shake Schnapps and Vodka together until well mixed, add ice, shake lightly and then pour the thing into a glass, shoot it, and realize that your problems are completely what you make of them and definitely need to be put into perspective. OFTEN.

Watchmen. WORST MOVIE EVER. Let's start with that. Soft core porn to an atrocious version of Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah is not so much fun, especially when you are sitting next to your date (second date) and you aren't at that point in your relationship yet. For that matter, you aren't even holding hands during the movie. Aside from the silly movie where arms were chainsawed off and sex was awkward, I had a lovely night. After the movie Michael Calderara (yes...that's his last name....worse than Rude? I think NOT!) walked around Hollywood and got pizza and talked till midnight and had a fabulous evening and I even got a little peck at the end. :)

With that said, I had a fairly routine day at work. Just 10.5 hours of nothing new. Hard work and a lot of it, but a redeeming, completely unexpected $20 tip. :) What wasn't the most routine part of my day was calling and talking to Jordan. WHO I LOVE and I LOVE TALKING TO. I could make that a routine part of my day, but both of us are always so crazy busy that it is a joy, if only weekly.

Jordan is always brutally honest with me. Thank GOD. After my sob fest on the phone with him about how selfish and self-absorbed I am when I get caught up in my own insecurities, especially living here in LA by myself, I came to the realization that I have some AMAZING things working for me, and I AM NOT allowed to be bi-polar and depressed.

I forget the fact that I have a job in this ridiculous economy and I got taken out on a wonderful date last night. I have friends who surround me, and I live with cable and food in my fairly newly furnished apartment. There is NOTHING for me to complain about. Jordan is a godsend for listening to me and making me realize that.

As a side note, I am glad that ANTM and IDOL kicked off the people that I wanted them to kick off. Now to FRIENDS for a mood-picker-upper and bed. Work at 6am is MIGHTY EARLY...


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  1. You are way too clever and funny for your own good :)