Monday, February 22, 2010

As Night Falls

Ingredients for a cocktail that will put me to sleep before my work has even begun...

2 oz Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka
1 oz White Grapefruit juice
2 Coriander Leaves
7 Red Peppercorns1.5 Tsp White Sugar
Orange Zest

Muddle the peppercorns, add the ginger and muddle again, add all other ingredients with ice, shake, double strain, and garnish with an orange. Now...vow NOT to take a nap because you still have to drive to Orange County and back before work at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Doesn't this cocktail sound and look amazing?

Mmmmm...I can understand why people become alcoholics. ;)

I had a phenomenally fantastic weekend. Pictures and new blog to follow shortly.

For the time being, I leave you with my opinion of ice dancing. Yup. You heard right. It was on yesterday evening, and is concluding with the medal ceremony tonight. I couldn't be more thrilled. I had never watched this (what I presumed to be quite pretentious) event. I even had to look up the rules, which, believe you and me, are no laughing matter. Did you know that ice dancing didn't even become an Olympic sport until 1976? And when it did, the first rules stipulated that you had to remain linked in a dance hold to your partner during the entire program! Since the early 80's, the rules state you can be up to two arm lengths away from your partner, however and throwing and spins are highly discouraged.

The bestest *that's right, I said bestest...just go with it* part of the whole event? The use of music. In regular partner ice skating, the skaters can dance to the phrasing or the melody of a piece of music. In ice dancing, the dancers must always skate to a definite beat or rhythm. How awesome that a piece of music and its movement dictates your choice of choreography on the ice!

It was love at first twizzle.

*and for those of you wondering, a twizzle is a multi-rotation turn common in the sport*

Love and Allegro,

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